Domestic Epoxy Flooring

Where You Find Them Installed

As mentioned, domestic epoxy flooring can be found in areas where domestic activities happen, such as the kitchen, garage, laundry room, basement, etc. Basically, you’re going to have an everyday floor that’s going to be durable, easy to manage, water-resistant, and impact-resistant, among other things.

Depending on what you want to achieve for a specific area in your property, our expert installers can provide you with great suggestions on what type of epoxy flooring should be used. Everything will depend on a lot of factors like foot traffic, furnishing or equipment, etc.

At the end of the day, we work with you so you can achieve the look you’re aiming for.

Professional Installation

For specific areas of your house or apartment, you will need professional epoxy flooring installers that can get the job done quickly, cleanly, and impeccably. That’s what we at StarCoat Floor Epoxy Solutions practice and apply to every domestic epoxy flooring project we undertake.

We deliver high-quality workmanship within the timeframe and within the budget agreed on, every single time. Not only will get to have immaculate epoxy flooring that will generate admiration from everyone, but you will also get your money’s worth from having professional installers like StarCoat Floor Epoxy Solutions.

Why Choose StarCoat Floor Epoxy Solutions

StarCoat Floor Epoxy Solutions provides high-quality epoxy flooring installation for residential, commercial, and even industrial facilities. We’ve got more than 15 years’ worth of industry experience plus the outstanding leadership of an industry professional. We deliver superior workmanship, great customer service, and even greater results!

For your domestic epoxy flooring needs, you can depend on us to provide you an honest-to-goodness costing and advice. That’s why we take the time to find out about the requirements for your specific project and offer you an obligation-free quote. This way, you can gauge our expertise for the project at hand.

How We Work

  • Prepare the Surface

    Epoxy coatings are normally applied to existing concrete surfaces. The end result is only as good as the surface it’s laid on, so we spend a lot of time and effort getting your base perfect by chemically and mechanically cleaning it, patching it, and repairing it until the substrate is ready for the next step.

  • Apply Primer, Epoxy & Decorative Elements

    To your prepared surface, we apply first a primer and then the epoxy coating together with decorative elements and additives necessary to achieve your desired finish.

  • Cure & Apply Final Coat

    After the coating has been applied, it needs time to cure and harden, typically overnight. After that, a top coat or sealer may be applied for additional protection and durability. The floor is then left to harden for a day or so.

Our Results

We take pride in our work and specialise in creating durable, attractive surfaces that will add value to your home or premises in the long term. This can only be achieved by using the latest equipment and having the best team to work on your project. Add to that our valuable network of suppliers that allow us access to their latest product offerings, you’ll definitely get the excellent finish you’ve wanted. We also keep up with the latest industry innovation and advancements and apply what we have learned so that you will benefit from it.

To discuss your plans or to find out more about our FREE measure and quote service in the Metropolitan Area, get in touch today.

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