Mechanically Polished Concrete

Levels of Gloss for MPC

When you have your concrete floor undergo polishing and refinement, levels of gloss are revealed. These are the following:

o Ground – the sheen or gloss is flat; images reflected have a flat look.

o Honed – the sheen or gloss seems matte; images appear dull.

o Polished – the sheen or gloss is not clear and crisp; images can be easily recognised.

o Highly Polished – the shine or gloss is sharp and clear; images are clearly reflected like a mirror.

Why Choose StarCoat Floor Epoxy Solutions

With more than 15 years’ worth of industry experience, StarCoat Floor Epoxy Solutions has provided high-quality epoxy flooring installation, including mechanically polished concrete services, for residential, commercial, and even industrial facilities. Our expert crew of professionals delivers superior workmanship, great customer service, and even greater results!

For outstanding MPC flooring in the metropolitan area of Perth and surrounds, make it StarCoat Floor Epoxy Solutions. We take the time to find out more about the requirements for your specific project and offer you an obligation-free quote. This way, you can gauge our expertise for the project at hand.

How We Work

  • Prepare the Surface

    Removal of existing coatings, sealing of cracks and joints with epoxy fillers.

  • Grinding & Densification

    A concrete grinder will be used to grind the surface. After which, a chemical hardener will be applied to densify the concrete.

  • Surface Polishing

    Depending on the desired gloss you want, a grit abrasive resin-bond will be used.

Our Results

We take pride in our work and specialise in creating durable, attractive surfaces that will add value to your home or premises in the long term. This can only be achieved by using the latest equipment and having the best team to work on your project. Add to that our valuable network of suppliers that allow us access to their latest product offerings, you’ll definitely get the excellent finish you’ve wanted. We also keep up with the latest industry innovation and advancements and apply what we have learned so that you will benefit from it.

To discuss your plans or to find out more about our FREE measure and quote service in the Metropolitan Area, get in touch today.

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